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Bound by the Binary

"Bound by the Binary" is a thought-provoking painting that explores the contemporary working class caught in the web of monotonous 9 to 5 jobs, represented through a symbolic imagery of birds. The canvas is washed with a blend of green and black, reminiscent of the binary colors and the underlying matrix that governs their lives.

At the top of the composition, an Indian crow wearing a headset sits within the confines of an office space. The closed blinders on the windows symbolize the limited view and lack of connection with the outside world. The crow wears an ID tag with the US flag, signifying Indians working for multinational corporations. It portrays the struggle of individuals from different nations navigating the complexities and challenges of a globalized workforce.

At the bottom of the painting, a Macau bird, a foreign species, representing the boss, is depicted working from a cafe. This symbolizes the higher positions of power and the freedom enjoyed by those who oversee the working class. The boss is shown with stress balls and a fidget spinner on the desk, portraying the stress and pressure associated with being an employee in the modern corporate world.

Embossed throughout the painting are patterns of ones and zeros, reminiscent of the digital matrix that governs the modern workplace. These patterns represent the mechanization and depersonalization of labor, where individuals are reduced to mere cogs in the machinery of corporate structures.

"Bound by the Binary" seeks to shed light on the complexities and struggles faced by the working class in the modern era. It invites viewers to reflect on the impact of globalization, power dynamics, and the pervasive influence of technology on our lives. The painting serves as a reminder to challenge the systems that confine and dehumanize individuals, advocating for a more balanced and equitable work environment.

Regenerate response


Size: 48x36 inches

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas.

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